Aquiesse Candles

Aquiesse candles have been developed by some of the greatest geniuses in the world of perfumes, creating an unsurpassed product. These luxury candles offer a range of wonderful fragrances that are intoxicating and unique. Each Aquiesse candle scent is based on a natural scent but offers a refreshing twist of sophistication.

Aquiesse candles began when a young boy played with his mother’s luxury perfumes. The young boy, growing up in Santa Barbara, California, was inspired by mixing his mother’s favorite fragrances but was also inspired by the natural scents and nature around him. This early inspiration eventually led to the sophisticated and celebrated catalogue of scents seen in Aquiesse candles.

Aquiesse scented candles were first developed in 2005, but although the manufacturer is quite new, they have used traditional candle-making techniques that date back generations. As well, the company only uses the finest ingredients and scents to create a quality luxury candle that can compete with some of the finest established candle makers in the world. Today, Aquiesse candles have risen to one of the most recognized and respected brands in the industry.

Aquiesse candles may be made using centuries-old techniques, but the approach to candle making is very innovative. Aquiesse took years to develop a proprietary soy wax blend made from organic soybean oil and other natural ingredients which are not only sustainable and reflect today’s environmental concerns, but are also healthy and safe for use in the home. Aquiesse candles are made to have long burn times, produce minimal soot, and capture and expel fragrances perfectly. It has taken centuries of candle making as well as the latest innovations to create a candle product this magnificent. Each Aquiesse candle is made with great care and includes a lead-free wick.

Aquiesse candles are divided into two collections. The Portfolio collection includes scents inspired by the natural beauty of California. This collection includes the Aquiesse Bamboo Teakwood Candle, the Aquiesse Boardwalk Candle, the Aquiesse Cherimoya Candle, the Aquiesse  Ginger Mango Candle, the Aquiesse Golden Amber Candle, the Aquiesse Grapefruit Spearmint Candle, the Aquiesse  Island Frangipane Candle, the Aquiesse  Luxe Linen Candle, the Aquiesse  Mandarin Tea Candle, the Aquiesse  Moonlit Petals Candle, the Aquiesse  Pacific Lime Blossom Candle, the Aquiesse  Pink Peony Candle, the Aquiesse  Pomegranate Sage Candle, the Aquiesse Rioja Candle, the Aquiesse Sandalwood Vanille Candle, the Aquiesse  Shoreline Candle, the Aquiesse  Sunflower Candle, and the Aquiesse Timber Candle. The Exotic collection includes more exotic, worldly scents: the Aquiesse Bergamot Neroli Candle, the Aquiesse Dewy Magnolia Candle, the Aquiesse Floral Decadence Candle, the Aquiesse Green Tea Pear Candle, the Aquiesse Grenadine Hibiscus Candle, the Aquiesse Lychee Mango Candle, the Aquiesse Passionfruit and Citrus Candle and the Aquiesse Tropical Leaves Candle.