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  • Soy Candles for Every Day

    Soy Candles for Every Day

    For everyday use, it’s hard to beat soy candles. Sox candles are made from a hydrogenated soybean oil, more commonly known as soy wax. In 1992, a man named Michael Richards invented this type of wax while looking for options beyond beeswax. Since then, soy candles have grown rapidly in popularity. Now, there are soy […]

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  • Soy Candles – Quick Facts

    Soy Candles – Quick Facts

    Soy Candles are very popular today, but few customers know much about them. Candles made from soy wax are made from a natural wax made from soybeans. Soybeans are very safe and are used as a food source and to make many products, including cosmetics. Using natural wax for candles is nothing new. In the […]

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