Altru Soy Blend Candles

Altru Soy Blend Candles are made by Gamillah, Incorporated and are prized as among the most luxurious and coveted candles in the world. Altru literally translates as “unselfishly giving of one’s self to others” and the makers of these candles have truly lived up to their name, unselfishly creating wonderful fragranced candles for everyone to enjoy.

Altru Soy Blend Candles have rich and exotic fragrances that are based on travels to distant locations. These scents are certainly not the scents you would expect from lower-quality candles. In fact, if you have never tried luxury candles before, you will want to rush out at once and buy yourself some Altru Soy Blend Candles. The wonderful packaging, scent, long-lasting burning time and gorgeous light will have you convinced!

When you buy Altru Soy Blend Candles, you also do much more than simply buy one of the finest products of your home. By buying Altru Soy Blend Candles, you also support a non-profit group called “In a Perfect World,” which helps children strive towards leadership.

Not only are all Altru Soy Blend Candles based on a location and culture, but each candle is given the name of a value or characteristic that people might cultivate in a perfect world. For example, the Altru Artistry candle has a Masala Chai fragrance, with notes of black tea, vanilla, and spices. This  candle is based on travels to Morocco and the packaging of the candle also reflects the rich Moroccan culture. The Altru Appreciation candle combines scents of Tahitian tiare, daffodil, and freesia. The scent and packaging of the candle is reflective of Tahiti and Persia.

The Altru Harmony Candle has the scent of Tanenashi Persimmon. The candle is wrapped in beautiful Iznik-inspired art. The Altru Integrity candle has notes of Persian Lilac and bamboo. The candle’s rich scent is supposed to represent the strength and integrity that has historically been associated with the bamboo. The Altru Unity candle is scented with notes of Burmese sandalwood and honey. The candle also has notes of leather and musk. The Altru Remembrance candle has scents of grapefruit and Italian Rosemary. The Altru Wellness candle is scented with white clove and wild ginger, with hints of green tea. The candle scent is reminiscent of the far East and the packaging is based on designs from Egyptian arts and history.

Each 11 ounce Altru Soy Blend Candle offers more than 70 hours of brining time. The best quality ingredients mean that there is minimal soot and a good, evening burning. The fragrance of each candle is woven throughout the candle itself, ensuring that the fragrance of your candle will be true and vibrant to the last drop of wax. Each candle is made from high-grade soy wax, which means a cleaner burn and fewer chemicals and fillers in your home. Whichever of these candles you pick, you get an incredibly high-quality candle as well as a wonderful fragrance. You get a unique packaging that looks distinctive in your home and the knowledge that your purchase is helping a non-profit organization that is dedicated to making children’s lives better.