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Wood Candles

Step into a richly scented forest without leaving your home. The selection of Wood Scented Candles from Candle Delirium can't be matched. Discover them now!

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1 Item(s)

More about Wood Candles

Close your eyes and imagine yourself walking into a fresh forest and inhaling the deep, rich fragrances of the woods. With one of our wood scented candles you can turn that vision into a relaxing reality - all with the addition a a simple pine scented candle in your room! We carry an extensive selection of wood candles, from beachy scented sandalwood candles, to homey cedar candles and diffusers, and of course, pine candles. If you enjoy forest scents don’t miss our Nest bamboo candles in our Nest floral collection, or our Winter Candles and Holiday Candle Scents.