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Harlem Candle Company Candles

Harlem Candle pays homage to how Harlem has blessed the world with cultural luminaries, creative vision & style, packaging this history into curated scents, continuing the tradition of Harlem as the light of the world.

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More about Harlem Candle Company Candles

Luxury Candles Inspired by the Richness of Harlem, NYC


The Harlem Candle Co. is a luxury home fragrance brand that specializes in scented candles inspired by the richness of the historic neighborhood of Harlem in New York City. Founded in 2014 by travel and lifestyle expert Teri Johnson, the Harlem Candle Company is the manifestation of her love affair with fragrance, jazz, and the vibrant community of Harlem.


As a child, Teri was deeply influenced by her favorite aunt's collection of exotic perfumes and travel stories, which planted the seed for her own relationship with travel and fragrances. Through her travels to nearly 70 countries, she discovered the power of scented candle and its ability to transport you through time and place.


After falling in love with Harlem and deciding to make it her permanent home, Teri delved into intense research to discover the neighborhood's rich and vibrant past. Music icons including Billie Holiday and Duke Ellington who performed at clubs such as the Savoy Ballroom, the colorful areas of Harlem's Sugar Hill and Lenox Avenue all inspired her to share these stories through her candles.


The Harlem Candle Co. began in Teri's kitchen in 2014, where she made over a thousand candles before collaborating with a world-renowned fragrance house, an award-winning chemist, and fragrance industry veteran to position the Harlem Candle Company as Harlem's newest luxury brand.


Each candle is infused with fragrance notes that create a perfect harmony of top, middle, and base notes that sing, dance, and celebrate the old and new Harlem Renaissance. As a company, Harlem Candle Company values and pays homage to how Harlem has blessed the world with cultural luminaries, creative vision, and style. They take on the tradition of this cultural light by packaging this history into curated scents that continue the tradition of Harlem as the light of the world. Within each candle, you will find the enduring gifts of peace, love, abundance, creativity, and of course, light.


In conclusion, the Harlem Candle Co. is not just a brand of candles, it's a celebration of the rich cultural heritage of Harlem, and the perfect way to bring a piece of this vibrant community into your home.

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