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Blue Candles

Shop for blue candles at Candle Delirium! Discover luxury blue pillar candles, blue votive candles and blue scented candles in all shades of blue now!

26 Item(s)

26 Item(s)

More about Blue Candles

Bring calmness and serenity into your home with blue candles from Candle Delirium. Blue pillar candles make for excellent centerpieces, while blue votive candles are excellent subtle additions to any room throughout your home or office space. Find blue candles in multiple smooth shades including navy blue, light blue, royal blue and dark blue. Blue scented candles welcome peacefulness and invite you to dive into a centering meditation to realign with yourself. Search for small blue candles and navy blue pillar candles, each available to set the tone that will bring calmness into your life. Large blue candles invite you to follow your mind's eye and explore your imagination while you visit the beach or drift off into the sky during the spring season. Discover lovely blue candles as part of our tropical scented candles collection as well as part of our fresh candles collection. Shop for blue candles today!