Little Tips for Scented Candle Lovers

True joy and happiness rather depend on the way you do things than on the things you do. Thus, a magical moment can be increased and prolonged just by taking care of little details that look unimportant at the first glance, but instead, they are crucial for the complete pleasure that each of us is searching for. That is why we come with this simple guide that may help you to take the most of your favorite scanted candles.

Always Choose High-End Scented Candles

Beautiful fragrance is a soul of every scented candle, but first thing that you should check before you buy a candle is a structure. Make sure that a candle contains natural, high quality ingredients that are safe both for you and the environment. Candles with clean burning soy wax and all-natural, lead-free wicks should be a perfect choice. The soft wax liquefies rapidly and allows optimum diffusion of the flavor, while a quality wick keeps air in your room clean. Although they look and smell great in the store, some low-cost candles may contain lead wicks and chemical fillers, as well as wax that melts unevenly and quickly stays without desirable fragrances.

Candle Lighters Are Easier

My first experience with a scented candle was a little bit painful, since I considered buying a candle lighter as something totally unnecessary. At first, matches or fluid lighter had done a job perfectly, until reaching a wick became impossible without pushing a hand into an elegant candle glass. Finally, I successfully lit a candle, but also burned the skin on my fingers. For those who are not ultra skillful with a classic lighter, I highly recommend some of the nicely designed candle lighters as the first useful item that you will appreciate to have near a luxury candle.

Trim and Clean a Wick

Black smoke and soot were pretty irritating from time to time, but only after my candle had started to burn unevenly and drip, ruining the perfect, stable light and aesthetic, I decided to take out scissors and trim a wick. For the perfect burning, it should not be longer than ¼ of an inch. For perfectionists, there are special wick trimmers, created to help you trim wicks safely and precisely (long handles ensure you don’t get near the flame).

Carefully Choose a Candle Location

Not only this is a safety issue; position of a candle in a room also affects a quality of fragrance diffusion. To be totally relaxed, make sure you place a candle on a solid metal or glass surface, away from walls, curtains, books, papers, and other flammable objects. In order to ensure optimal diffusion, the ideal location for your candle is at half-height.

Snuffers are Stylish

Unless it is your birthday, do not blow on candles. Putting it out with a snuffer seams much cooler. Besides, by simply covering a flame with a snuffer (usually shaped like little bells), you will avoid excessive combustion, which means that unnecessary smoke and soot will not undermine divine aromas of your intimate space. In order to keep the richness of the scent contained in wax, you can leave a snuffer cap on a candle, as soon as wax gets cold.