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Voluspa Roses Candles

The color palette of Voluspa Rose Candles is inspired by the range of colors specific to roses, lush red to delicate pinks. Each rose scent from steam distilled essential oil, the most desirable form of rose for fragrancing.

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Voluspa Roses Candle Collection


The Rose, the undisputed Queen of Flowers. by Traci Arsten, Voluspa Co-Owner.


"It has taken me almost twenty years to pay homage to my favorite flower on Earth. Five fragrances later and we have the much-anticipated Rose Collection. From deep lush red to soft delicate pinks, the color palette of this collection was inspired by the sweet range of colors specific to roses. The glasses are carved with a classic geometric cube pattern, which reminds me of the unique layering of petals on a single rose. Softly colored with a sheer iridescent glow to match the petals, we spent almost a year perfecting this glass.


My time in both the floral industry and the aromatherapy industry deepened my appreciation for roses and the unique characteristics of the fragrance. I found that each flower is different and each batch of steam distilled essential oil (the most desirable form of rose for fragrancing, known as Rose Otto is different as well. It is truly art in fragrance to get the nuance of a rose into a bottle…or into the most beautiful wax in the candle industry for that matter :)


I really had some fun with this collection. Let’s talk about the fragrances. Chefs are using rose petals in food, popping petals into everything from tea to cake and even ice cream! Rose petals covered with sugar crystals? My heaven on Earth! Rose fragrance blends well with so many other fragrances. From tart citrus to milky vanilla, the potential combinations for the collection were endless, but I have been planning this collection for so long, tucking away just the right ingredients. Each and every part of these scents has been meticulously selected to compliment the specific Rose type in each fragrance.


I worked with our perfume labs for years creating the most authentic palate of roses to work with and I hope you love this blooming collection as much as I do."

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