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Voluspa Macaron Candles

Voluspa Macaron Candles are inspired by Voluspa's creator's favorite treat, the Macaron: Crispy outside, lusciously sweet inside, and cloud like perfection. Delectable treats, enticing colors and creative flavors!

33 Item(s)

33 Item(s)

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Voluspa Macaron Candle Collection

Macarons: by Traci Arsten, Voluspa Co-Owner.


"There is something about the crispy outside, lusciously sweet inside, and cloud like perfection of a macaron cookie. The first time I walked past one of the famed Parisian macaron shops, my mind was blown by the enticing colors and creative flavors. I practically ran inside, and came out holding three bags filled to the brim with the delectable treats.

Over the years I have seen this little dessert darling blossom into a delish trend practically everywhere I travel. Locally, I’ve stumbled into tiny bakeries that are upping the ante with seriously creative herb/floral/crème/dessert combinations, not to mention stunning colors and presentation. All I have to say is, thank God for YUMMY macarons! I hope you enjoy the fragrant creations we’ve made inspired by my favorite treat!"