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Trapp products have soothing aromas with the ability to change the entire nature of a room. Experience the exquisite aromas through all of Trapp's products.

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1 Item(s)

More about All Trapp Products

Trapp products have set themselves apart from others by creating products of only the highest quality aromas and scents. Trapp fragrances are widely known for making lasting impressions and creating unforgettable memories. For returning Trapp customers, you already know what we mean. You're familiar with Trapp’s unmatched quality, unique and soothing aromas, and the ability of a Trapp product to change the entire nature of a room. For those new to the product, you’ll soon experience all this for yourself.

At Candle Delirium, you'll find a massive selection of Trapp candles, Trapp room sprays, Trapp diffusers and much more. Choose from a variety of different smells and styles to fit your personality or mood. Many of our products come in beautifully boxed shaped packages, and are perfect for gift giving as well. Remember to indulge yourself and buy a few for yourself too. Shop today and understand why Trapp is like no other!