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Tocca Candles

A selection of hand-poured candles and reed diffusers extend TOCCA sensuality outward to a transformative atmospheric experience. Indulgent luxuries for occasions when you want someone to feel special, ncluding yourself!

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More about Tocca Candles

Small indulgences can go a long way. If there is one accessory with which to adorn your home, let it be a Tocca candle. Nothing is more powerful than the way a scent makes you feel. Tocca candles are synonymous with simplicity, refinement and sensibility and evoke specific moods and emotions linked by an exotic romanticism and old-world sentiment. TOCCA, which means ‘touch’ in Italian, was born out of friendship, wanderlust and a lot of love. We create with passion and an appreciation for the time it takes to manifest true beauty. We found our sole purpose… to create beauty that combines an appreciation for vintage femininity with a dose of modern confidence woven in.

Tocca Beauty's aromatic candle scents are based on simple accords of fragrance notes. Each Tocca candle inspires distinct moods, rich in meaning and memories. The aromas further evolve in meaning as they are named after classic film icons with unique character traits. While each Tocca candle embodies a different personality, they all convey the romantic connotations synonymous with the Tocca name. These candles include: Cleopatra, Florence and Bianca.


There are a few very rare, very wondrous places in the world that have in time become legendary in their own right … places of extraordinary natural beauty, places where intriguing discoveries occur, places where great love have come into being. Tocca pays tribute to five breathtaking places – Montauk, Capri, Valencia, Bora Bora and Marrakesh - each with its own distinctive elements of daring, beauty and allure. We invite you on a voyage of discovery, because it is the act of discovery that makes everyday life worth living.

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