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Diptyque - Baume d’Ambre (Amber Balm) Mini Candle

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Diptyque Baume d’Ambre Mini Candle chronicles how friendship was forged between a fisherman and a mermaid with strings of pearl for hair. The mermaid’s pearl strands smelled of the most exquisite amber wood. When the mermaid realized that her dancing under the moonlight caused distress to the town folk by the shoreline, she immediately plucked off one strand and offered it as a peace offering. Since then, the town people would float candles on the surface of the water so that mermaid had more light to dance to. A gracious accord between vanilla and benzoin, enhanced by the freshness of lavender.

Diptyque and Pierre Marie have come together once again to create this year's holiday collection - a winter's legend that awakens the spirits from imaginary folklore.  In this wonder-filled story, diptyque candles take on magical powers. Featuring festive artwork created by chic French artist Pierre-Marie Agin, the collection includes three smoky limited-edition scents—Pine Tree of Light, with notes of pine needles and smoke, Amber Balm, a smoky amber and sea salt scent, and Exquisite Almond, which smells of sweet almond paste and smoke, as well as gift sets featuring some of Diptyque's best selling scents


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Diptyque Baume d’Ambre (Amber Balm) Mini Candle

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  • Diptyque Baume d’Ambre (Amber Balm) Mini Candle
  • Diptyque Baume d’Ambre (Amber Balm) Mini Candle

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