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Cire Trudon - Philae Holiday Candle

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Cire Trudon Philae (On the Nile) Candle: An island on the Nile, Philæ holds the souvenir of Goddess Isis dear. Built by one of the last pharaohs, Nectanebo 1st, the temple that celebrates Isis’ creative powers stood the testof time surrounded by owing waters. It naturally welcomed native papyrus, which were usedfor books and manuscripts. The Philæ candle is scented with a soft papyrus fragrance that evokes a timeless heritage.

The 2018 Cire Trudon Holiday Collection is inspired by the mysteries of ancient Egypt: outstanding pyramids (Gizeh), an Egyptian God (Amon) and an island on the Nile River (Philæ) compose a trio of timeless scented candles. It features exotic fragrances in matte vessels with a gold leaf interior... and the classic fragrances in a metallic rose gold vessel.

Cire Trudon Candles have been referred to as the "Rolls Royce" of candles. The oldest French manufacturer produces the world's most prestigious candles of the highest quality with hand blown glass and pure vegetable wax.


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Cire Trudon Philae (On the Nile) Candle

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  • Cire Trudon Philae (On the Nile) Candle
  • Cire Trudon Philae (On the Nile) Candle

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