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Archipelago - Joy Dry Diffuser

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Archipelago's Joy Dry Diffuser is the perfect way to elegantly fill the room with a beautifully warm holiday scent. Orange Zest, Crushed Cinnamon, and Spice are blended together and infused into the dry diffuser reeds. Place the reeds into the beautiful glass vessel and the reeds will fill your home with holiday fragrance. Dry diffuser reeds are the perfect alternative to typical reed diffusers. They do not need to be placed in oil to fill the room with fragrance. The fragrance is already infused into the reeds. All you need to do is place them into the vessel and they will fill your room with fragrance for 30-60 days. For smaller areas use 1-2 reeds and for larger areas use 3-5 reeds.

Archipelago Joy Dry Diffuser is part of Archipelago's TRADITIONAL HOLIDAY COLLECTION that feature an elegant assortment of Candles and Dry Diffuser Gift Sets (the glass holders double as burning domes for votive candles)!


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Archipelago Joy Dry Diffuser

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