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Molton Brown - Rosa Absolute Diffuser

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Molton Brown Rosa Absolute Diffuser is London via Lombardia. A private dressing chamber, draped in deepest ruby velvet. Hushed, dark whispers unmasked sub rosa. The theatre of nightfall, a promise full of mystery. Devote your senses to an intoxicating secret, blended with intriguing notes of sweet blackcurrant, deep rose and bold patchouli in a mysteriously romantic aroma for the home. Voluptuous. Dramatic. Impassioned. The Blend: Top notes: blackcurrant, pink pepper and raspberry. Middle notes: rose, violet leaf and geranium. Base notes: patchouli, labdanum and vanilla.

Molton Brown Aroma Reed Diffusers are expertly blended for optimum fragrance delivery, and will invigorate your space with feelings of tranquillity, warmth and energy. Place the reeds in the bottle to absorb in the scented oil and allow 24 hours for the fragrance to fill the room.


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Molton Brown Rosa Absolute Diffuser

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