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Marianne Guedin Candles

Marianne Guedin Candles are luxury candles created by the designer well-known for her contemporary, organic design approach. An ode to wanderlust in France and poured into unique hand-blown glass.

More about Marianne Guedin Candles

Introducing a collection of luxury candles created by Marianne Guedin, well known for a contemporary and organic design approach. Maison Guedin candles have a purified aestheticism, poured into a hand-blown glass, each having their own form and color. These glasses can be used also as a vase after he candle has been burned. The natural wax is hand –run in France and the candles are conditioned in round boxes of the same color as the glass pots. Each candle has a particular olfactive history, mainly inspired by flowers, memories and trips, these captivating fragrances were designed in Grasse, Provence.


Stolen getaways. This collection of scented candles is an ode to wanderlust in France where we love to sow many seeds. Each glass is a unique work of art created by a glassblower.


Marianne Guedin offers us a story in invisible ink. A story of childhood memories, daydreams and encounters which frame the designer's fantastical and Bohemian universe. An ink as transparent as glass, her favorite material, and as ephemeral as scents, which she encapsulates in accessibly lavish collection of candles and fragrances for the home.


 Maison Guedin Candles are an assortment of scents in colorful, hand-blown glass with every Marianne Guedin candle a journey into the designer's universe. And in order to share it more easily, she designed this line of democratic luxury which, once the wax has run out, can be given a new lease on life as a vase or decorative candle holder. In the quest for absolute quality, each candle is created in France in glass jars of three different sizes, produced using a semi-craft technique which ensures they are unique. The natural wax from which they are made contains 10% concentration of perfume (the maximum amount possible) developed in Grasse for optimum scent distribution.


About Marianne Guedin

The daughter of a country doctor with a penchant for conjuring and a past master in close-up magic, she left her native Burgundy to follow a caravan of Bohemian velvet curtains, big tops and cavalcades...the regional orienteering champion came into her own in Paris. Having graduated from the Ecole Nationale des Arts Decoratifs, Marianne Guedin began her career with Christian Tortu. Surrounded by petals, stamens, sweet peas and silk paper, she learned from the master about the urgency and thoroughness of a job well done, the long days and short nights, the traveling, the cultural contrasts and the ever higher standards. Never staying in one place for long, she designed and created sets for the Nelly Rodi agency, composed dresses of fresh flowers for an Agatha Ruiz de la Prada fashion show, etc.


Marianne loves nature...and glass...a material which is simultaneously hard, fragile and breakable, whose transparency and sparkle are a constant source of emotion. With this inspiration,the natural next step was to assemble a pool of young French designers around the focal point of her own creations and begin marketing them. 


Her portfolio includes "Vastige", "Cosmo", "Vortexe", "1/4", "Goulue", Kasper", "Zab", and "Embrasse moi Romeo", a famous collection of scented candles...and prizes: she has been named 'Designer of the Year 2006" by the now! design a vivre trade show and received the "Talent of Harmony" award from the Cercle du Luxe. A free spirit an all-rounder, a perfectionist and passionate, Marianne flits from project to project collecting inspiration with which to pollinate the creative universe in which she plans to live a happy life. Her life, that of an artist and craftsperson.


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