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Maison La Bougie - Jangala Candle

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Maison La Bougie Jangala Candle is fresh mint, basil, citrus and cane sugar, like escaping to Brazil! You will have the impression of sipping a Mojio on a beach. Head: mint, lemon, lime. Heart: mint, basil, nlackcurrant, thyme. Base: lemon, mint, basil.

MAISON LA BOUGIE CANDLES revolutionize classic candle codes with novel prints inspired by founder Fanny Dumas’ love of art, architecture, travel, vintage furniture and plants. Interior design themes from the Forties and Fifties abound in these delightful scented candles and matchboxes, eye-catching styles from this hip Parisian house. Made in Paris.


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Maison La Bougie Jangala Candle

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