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Mad et Len Candles

Every candle enthusiast needs a Mad et Len Candle! They come in one-of-a-kind blackened iron vessels forged by actual blacksmiths.Get yours today!

21 Item(s)

21 Item(s)

More about Mad et Len Candles

Mad et Len Candle are handmade in a remote mountain village in the French Alps, each housed in a handmade iron vessel handmade by blacksmiths using ancient methods. Mad et Len's exquisite eaux de parfum, pure vegetal wax candles, room sprays, reed diffusers & their famous branded “potpourri” Made et Len lava rock & amber resin formats are all crafted in-house, with essential oils of undiluted flowers, woods and spices. Moss, fog, and soil, are released by burning their Terre Noire candle. If you are in search of an exotic cup of tea try the best selling Spirituelle candle. If you’re looking for other fabulous French candles check out the Diptyque Holiday Candles collection and Cire Trudon.