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La Belle Mèche - Fig Rhubarb Diffuser

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La Belle Mèche Fig Rhubarb Diffuser is rhubarb notes balanced with the sweetness of fig notes. A fruity delight to perfume a bedroom or living room,for soft and gentle times.To burn for cocooning mood. Figue Rhubarbe in French!

La Belle Mèche Reed Diffusers are made with scents from Grasse, the world capital of perfume. A long lasting and subtie diffusion of your favorite scent. Alcohol free base. Insert all reeds on the opened bottle or half of them for a lighter diffusion. Flip the reeds every week to re-perfume the room. The fragrance will diffuse slowly through capillarity until complete evaporation. For small to medium spaces.


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La Belle Mèche Fig Rhubarb Diffuser

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