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Hollow Tree - The Lions (Birch) Candle

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Hollow Tree The Lions Candle is a softly painted shimmering ashen spire of sun-baked birch woods reaches the night sky with floral swirls of bergamot and eucalyptus. Known as The Lions, the grandiose twin sisters of the Coastal Mountains, towering and reaching toward the night sky. Their valleys hold sacred blessings, laden with the richness of family histories, rooted in spiritual values.

Hollow Tree Library of Trees Collection is inspired by the majestic Forests of the Pacific West Coast. Each scent note evokes the verdant bounty of Ponderosa Pine and Western Red Cedar tones swirling in layers of Juniper with hints of cloves and gilded shades of autumn leaves nestled in a summers fig. The wise seeker forges forward in search of new land laden with the highest quality seeds and seedlings. For within the rich textured Forests, you will find peace, harmony, wisdom and abundance to illuminate your journey.

Hollow Tree Candles hail from Canada and provide the ultimate olfactory experience of the forests in British Columbia, a line of pure beautiful candles that mixes memories of the forest into scents.

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Hollow Tree The Lions (Birch) Candle

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  • Hollow Tree The Lions (Birch) Candle
  • Hollow Tree The Lions (Birch) Candle
  • Hollow Tree The Lions (Birch) Candle
  • Hollow Tree The Lions (Birch) Candle
  • Hollow Tree The Lions (Birch) Candle

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