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Heretic - Poltergeist Eau de Parfum 50ml

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Heretic Poltergeist Eau de Parfum 50ml captures the essence of its namesake - a supernatural being that makes its presence known through physical disturbances or loud noises - with this "noisy" fragrance that features instense green scents paired with a deep, haunting smokiness that lingers on the skin. It evokes memories from the Pacific Northwest where the air is heavy with the smoke of blazing burn piles filled with scorched leaves and timber.  Long walks through the woods permeated by the unmistakable perfume of moss, mushrooms, pine needles and leaves emanating from the forest floor.

The Heretic mission is to create clean, beautiful fragrance, handcrafted from all-natural materials. Heretic does not use chemicals or any synthetic materials, and instead rely on the same processes used by perfumers hundreds of years ago before the synthetic fragrance industry took over. The Heretic definition of “natural” is that ALL INGREDIENTS contained in our fragrances have been extracted from a plant, using steam or heat extraction, cold pressing, or carbon dioxide extraction. Our fragrances are completely non-toxic and paraben-free, comprised of essential oils, absolutes and concretes that have been handblended in organic sugarcane alcohol.


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Heretic Poltergeist Eau de Parfum 50ml

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