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Belle Fleur - Scarlet Flower Candle

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Belle Fleur Scarlet Flower Candle is a combination of rose, cassia flower, myrrh, oud, coffee flower and saffronAs homage to the fiery gypsy-girl Carmen of Bizet’s classic opera, Scarlet Flower‘s opening notes scatter dazzling sensual colors that reveal the aroma’s complex silhouette, one free-spirited to the point of insolence. It is a smoothly transgressive bricolage of heady, colorful flowers and sultry, smoky woods that seemingly appear out of nowhere, much in the way Carmen arrives to bewitch Don José by tossing him a cassia flower ripped from her bodice - a ‘scarlet flower’ that symbolizes the impetuosity of her desires as her life unfurls in an all-enveloping, seductive reddish glow of devastating passion. Like Bizet’s lyrical compositions, Scarlet Flower was constructed as a series of olfactive choral interventions, serving not only as counterpoint to the dramatic confrontations between the protagonists, but also to the uniquely entwined relationships between juxtaposing raw materials.

Belle Fleur Sa Majeste Candles are luxury for the senses! By fusing the art of floral design with the science of fragrance, Belle Fleur has expanded their passion for flowers into a collection of exquisitely scented candles for the home, having creatively combined rare botanicals and rich florals into long-lasting fragrances that will turn any room in your home into a lush oasis. Soft purple vessel encased in a gorgeous gift box, complete w/ Belle Fleur signature matches and embossed metal suff lid.


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Belle Fleur Scarlet Flower Candle

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