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Coreterno - Female Energy Candle

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Coreterno Female Energy Candle is the epitome of life. The mysterious depth of a woman's essence. Set your feminine wildness. Your whimsical creativity and your mysteriously sexual nature free. Fragrance Notes: GRAPEFRUIT, MALAYSIAN NUTMEG, GINGERNAVY, CAVENDISH TOBACCO & SWEET VIOLET.

Part of the Aphrodite Collection and crafted using organic wax. Descended from the families of alchemists, engravers, saints, rebels and poets. Coreterno Candle makers have kept the secrets of centuries of immense beauty. They are trained to wisely use the salvific power of symbols and written words. Their story is about true love and passion for ancient knoweldge and uniquely crafted possessions, breathing new life into inanimate objects, letting people discover the mystery and soul healing power in each candle.


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Coreterno Female Energy Candle

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  • Coreterno Female Energy Candle
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