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Cochine Candles

Cochine Candles are made in Saigon, Vietnam, using a botanical palm oil wax that has been specially developed for Cochine using renewable resources & inspired by Saigon’s everyday scenes & inspiring moments.

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Capturing the alluring heat and timeless elegance of Saigon, Cochine’s unique collection of luxurious scents will enrich you and your living space with warmth, romance and mystique. Each fragrance conjuring a perfumed scene of Saigon; from hidden alleys overflowing with jasmine, to lazy, sun-drenched afternoons on the banks of the Saigon River. Experienced alone, Cochine fragrances will lift your mood and rejuvenate the small pleasures of daily life. Experienced with others, they will inspire a charming intimacy and captivate with your signature style.

Each fragrance is individually created using the finest essential oils; Jasmine, which fills the sun-drenched streets of Saigon with its intoxicating scent; Delentii, a beautiful and unique scented orchid indigenous to Vietnam; Agarwood, a precious resinous wood from southern Vietnam and Water Hyacinth seen floating like tiny islands along the Mekong River. All Cochine products are made in Vietnam using the highest quality essential oils and ingredients, ethically and sustainably sourced.

When skincare and fragrance specialist Kate Crofton-Atkins moved to Saigon she was instantly overcome by the city’s unique style, elegance and romance. Charmed by Saigon’s everyday scenes; from hidden alleys overflowing with jasmine and frangipani, to the dramatic and stylish backdrop of French colonial architecture, Kate set out to design a range of fragrances that could capture these inspiring moments. Partnering with an international fragrance house based in New York, Kate spent over a year working with essential oils harvested from Vietnamese plants and trees in order to produce the perfect combination of scents that would reflect Saigon’s intoxicating culture. The result was Cochine, Vietnam’s first luxury fragrance brand. Kate’s passion for fragrance is born out of her belief that by combining beauty, quality and style, daily events can become a pleasure. And this principle is represented in all Cochine products, each one of which is elegantly designed, professionally crafted and perfectly scented to heighten the sense of luxury for you and those about you.



Integral to Cochine design and production is their emphasis on quality, sourcing the highest quality essential oils which are used in high concentrations to ensure optimum performance. Cochine candles are made using a botanical palm oil wax that has been specially developed for Cochine using renewable resources. Cochine Candles is dedicated to using this more natural alternative to paraffin wax. Likewise they use high performance lead-free cotton wicks in all their candles. Cochine has designed custom-made bottles out of recyclable plastic for their hand wash and hand lotion ranges, and Cochine reed diffusers are each finished with a Cochine embossed silver collar reflecting the attention to detail and precision finish that makes Cochine unique. 



Using ethically and sustainably sourced materials is at the heart of Cochine’s mission to both celebrate and preserve the Vietnamese landscape. They are supporting sustainable farming projects, such as the Agarwood Project founded by The Rainforest Project. This Foundation has created a durable and commercially viable solution to the problem of over-harvested Aquilaria trees, which are cut down in order to extract Agarwood resin.

A hugely valuable essential oil, Agarwood was so over-harvested in the last century that it became almost extinct. Fifteen years ago The Rainforest Project began work to sustainably grow Aquilaria trees in Vietnam. They established contracts with local farmers to plant seedlings and now over 200,000 seedlings are matured to produce very high-quality, sustainably grown Agarwood oil. Cochine is proud to use oil from certified Aquilaria Crassna trees from the Mekong Delta. They use botanical wax from renewable sources, PET recyclable plastic bottles and our outer packaging is made from over 90% recycled card.

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