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Cire Trudon - Gabriel Holiday Grande Candle

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Cire Trudon Gabriel Holiday Grande Candle: Originally a limited edition scent, Gabriel has established itself as one of Cire Trudon’s most popular fragrances. Beautifully woody, it blends top notes of candied chestnuts and fresh birch with smoky cashmere and moss. 

Cire Trudon Holiday Collection 2020 travels to alleys of a Morrocan Enchanted Souk: warm hanging lights, colorful molten glass, golden-coppery accessories, all are an invitation to travel to the desert, mesmerized with visions and scents. Like precious Moroccan lanterns, every glass is handcrafted with care and decorated with gold leaves. Colorful, the collection vibrates with light: amber for Abd el Kader, anthracite for Ernesto, sapphire blue for Fir, emerald green for Gabriel and ruby red for Gloria.

Cire Trudon Candles have been referred to as the "Rolls Royce" of candles. The oldest French manufacturer produces the world's most prestigious candles of the highest quality with hand blown glass and pure vegetable wax.


More Information
Brand Cire Trudon
Burn Time 250 hours
Scent Family Holiday
Primary Scents Birch, Chestnut, Moss
Wax Family Vegetable
Net Weight 98.7 oz
Dimensions 8.5" tall x 7.25" wide
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