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Cire Trudon - Ernesto L'Oeuf Diffuser Refill

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Cire Trudon Ernesto L'Oeuf Diffuser Refill takes place in a hotel in Havana. Sizzling under the stubborn sun of the Revolution, fierce overtones of leather and tobacco meddle with resolution the waxy silence of wood. Breaking out of the cool dimness, sly grimaces emerge, framed by the smoke of cigars and the barrels of guns. Fragrance Notes: rum, grapefruit, bergamot, clove, oakwood, patchouli, labdanum, tobacco, moss, leather, amber.

Cire Trudon L'Oeuf Diffusers: standing out as a symbol of the Renaissance, L’Œuf combines the softness of unglazed ceramic and the strength of a satin-black, turned wood stand. L’Œuf is inspired by ancient ‘Cabinets of Curiosities’, great exploration routes and the glorification of the animal kingdom.

Availability: Available on July 5th


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Cire Trudon Ernesto L'Oeuf Diffuser Refill

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