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Cire Trudon Candles

Cire Trudon Candles, the "Rolls Royce" of candles, is the oldest French candle manufacturer. Try some of the world's most prestigious candles of the highest quality when you bring a Cire Trudon Candle home today!

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72 Item(s)


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More about Cire Trudon Candles

The History of Cire Trudon Candles 

In 1643, a merchant names Trudon arrived in Paris and through a fortunate marriage, he became the owner of a store in rue Saint-Honore, in the Saint-Roch's quarter. In addition to grocer, he was also a wax merchant,  supplying his customers with domestic candles and candles for the parish. Trudon developed and perfected his candles to produce the best quality wax. On the eve of Louis XIV's reign, Maitre Trudon created the first  manufacturing business that carried his name. His son Jacques became general storekeeper and wax producer and entered the court of Versailles in 1687, as apothecary distiller to Marie-Theresa, wife of the King. Maison Trudon officially became Royal wax manufacturer in 1719. As a wax supplier to Napolean during the Empire, Maison Trudon prospered throughout the centuries and ever interrupting its activity, particularly through the making of traditional and prestigious candles for the world's greatest names in design: Hermes, Guerlain, Dior...Cire Trudon is now the oldest French manufacturer and produces candles of the best quality according to its time-honored traditions.

The Vegetal Wax of Cire Trudon Candles

The centuries-long experience of Cire Trudon make it a manufacturer of incomaprable knowledge. Erudite and demanding, Maison Trudon draws its talent from the first masters, yet never ceases to improve its wax formula. Cire Trudon's manufacturing secret is a wax paste made with vegetal matters, thus forming a unique mix which allows the addition of the best perfumes and a perfect and lasting combustion. The all-natural qualities and the lack of harmful chemicals guarantee a remarkable quality of wax with a brilliant tolerance for scent diffusion. While recent studies show the dangers of other waxes, Cire Trudon candles offer a paraffin-free wax as well as no mineral substances derived from petrochemistry. This unique wax is fabricated with palm, rice, soy and copra oils and the wicks are pure cotton, completely harmless to users. Cire Trudon candles contain no substance listed on OSPAR, sited by Greenpeace. No heavy metal or pesticides are included in the composition of Cire Trudon candles. Bio-degradable Cire Trudon candles respect the environment.


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