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Charles Christian - Huge Congrats To You Greeting Card

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Charles Christian Huge Congrats To You Greeting Card is a card for that occasion where a special congratulations are in order. Blank inside for your personal message.

Instead of writing words, Charles Christian Victoria started doodling at the age of 5. Utterly fascinated with the wonders he could create with a pencil and a flick of his wrist, although barely knowing how to hold a pencil at all, Charles knew when he grew up, he wanted to be a full time artist. In the 5th grade, Charlie won his first design award for best greeting card, which boosted his desire to forge a path into the design/art world.

Charles Christian Greeting Cards are a fantastic mix of hand-crafted, individually-designed, fine art graphite, charcoal drawings, or prolific etchings. Some photo-realism, others surrealistic and colorful fun.

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Charles Christian Huge Congrats To You Greeting Card

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