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Small Candles

Shop for luxury small scented candles at Candle Delirium to subtly upgrade your decor. FInd small designer candles and luxury mini candles now!

30 Item(s)

30 Item(s)

More about Small Candles

Style knows no size. Small candles exude quality rather than quantity. Often times, a candle can be cumbersome or overwhelming, even obstructing one’s view or acting as an unwelcome distraction to the decor of a room. Small scented candles give you the freedom to create a powerful aroma within any given space without detracting from the ambiance. Although many of these mini scented candles are actually quite beautiful works of art, the visually-pleasing aesthetics are limited by scent. For extra subtlety and versatility, we carry many small scented jar candles. These mini jar candles make excellent small candle gifts for family and friends; even the perfect ‘just thinking of you’ gift. Find more candle styles with our collection of votive candles and travel & tin candles. Be sure to check out our designer candle accessories before you check out. Enjoy our lavish and luxurious collection of small scented candles today!