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The Luxuriate - Nocturne Candle Refill

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The Luxuriate Nocturne Candle Refill is where you follow the pulse and sway of music through the city streets and through doors breathing sweet blue smoke. In the dark of the jazz club, the press of warm bodies swaying in each other’s arms. Amber light and laughter. The warmth and depth of dark wood panels and the intoxicating breath of patchouli and spice, drawing you in. Hot sugar melting into a vanilla-laced haze with the clouds of sweet tobacco smoke. It’s enough to turn your head, it’s enough to get you swaying, just a little at first, then giving in to the spell of the music, the trail of perfumed air, a rhythm that finds its way into your blood, dancing you through the night.

The Luxuriate Candle created the refillable collection to provide infinite light with its patent applied for refillable design. Inspired by nature, the collection connects a composition of earth, light & perfume. A focus on translucency & unpredictable beauty is achieved through the pairing of candle refills and exotic stones of onyx & marble candle holders. The Luxuriate Candle Refillable collection candles are designed to be refilled and reused ensuring its initial purpose is always enjoyed. Glass candle inserts can be simply recycled once burned. Pair with one of six beautiful marble & onyx stone candle holders (CANDLE HOLDER SOLD SEPARATELY).



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he Luxuriate Nocturne Candle Refill

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  • he Luxuriate Nocturne Candle Refill
  • he Luxuriate Nocturne Candle Refill

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