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Bloomquist & Co. - Green Tea Incense

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Bloomquist & Co. Green Tea Incense is an herbal, bright and fresh green tea aroma rounded by a sprinkle of spice. Surely to heighten your senses and mood. The scent of green tea has been known to reduce stress and boost energy. 

Bloomquist & Co.'s collection of incense is natural, powerful, clean and titles direct. Each stem has been hand crafted from eco-conscious bamboo shoots. Every fragrance oil has been mindfully curated from the finest materials nature can provide.  With a proud heritage from Sweden, founder Chase Bloomquist clashes Swedish design concepts and Victorian Medieval impressions as the inspiration behind the packaging design.  Sleek, unique, simple, yet bold.

As the finest fragrances transform your space, relax and welcome the exquisite sense of comfort and relief, knowing that you are now at peace.


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Bloomquist & Co. - Green Tea Incense

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