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Archipelago - Morning Mint Body Lotion

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Archipelago Morning Mint Body Lotion is blended with subtle hints of mandarin and fresh basil combined with earthy tones of wild mint and tea leaves. 

Jump start each morning with a gentle boost from Mother Nature! Archipelago Morning Mint Collection is naturally invigorating essential oils, such as fresh basil and mandarin, awaken the senses with amazing notes of citrus and mint. There is no better way to start the day!  Naturally stimulating essential oils make Archipelago's Morning Mint Body Lotion an aromatherapy essential in your daily beauty ritual. Sought after by women and men alike, this best-selling, natural mint lotion makes the perfect gift. Suitable for dry, chapped, or sensitive skin; use daily as part of a morning ritual for best results. 


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Archipelago Morning Mint Body Lotion

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