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Archipelago - Marine Hand Crème

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Archipelago Blue Sea Kale Marine Hand Crème is natural blue sea kale, rich in nutrients, blends with gentle algae and other marine ingredients to provide a daily dose of the antioxidants you need to keep your skin feeling young and refreshed. Non-greasy, award-winning Marine Hand Crème formulation is luxuriously thick, long lasting and thoroughly hydrates dry skin and chapped hands. Use as part of a daily ritual for clean, smooth hands. For best results, always reapply after washing hands.

Harness the power of the sea in a super moisturizing and luxurious collection. Natural sea salts gently exfoliate and detox while blue algae and other marine ingredients work to provide the body with antioxidants to keep skin looking and feeling healthy. Archipelago Blue Sea Kale Marine hydrating products are also loaded with natural jojoba esters, allowing them to moisturize without a greasy feel!


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Archipelago Marine Hand Crème

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