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Lotus Candle & Lotus Diffuser Fragrances

Explore our collection of lotus candles and lotus essential oil diffusers. Amaze your senses with beauty from Candle Delirium’s blissful Lotus fragrance collection!

4 Item(s)

4 Item(s)

More about Lotus Candle & Lotus Diffuser Fragrances

Let yourself be swept away by the blissful aroma of lotus candles and lotus diffusers. The lotus flower blooms between the months of April and July, which makes it the perfect addition to your spring candle collection and summer candle collection. Lotus fragrances are powerful in multiple forms, including lotus essential oil diffusers and lotus scented candles. Their appearance is also quite charming, similar to our white candle collection, blue candle collection, and green candle collection. For more colored candles that have a deeper impact on appearance, check out our red candle collection and black candle collection. We also carry many other aesthetically appealing and subtle products including small candles and votive candles. Be sure to check out other incredible scents like sandalwood candles and coconut-scented candles. Explore Candle Delirium to find the scent that matches you!