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Leather Scented Candles

Enjoy the richly deep aroma of leather scented candles to add a touch of luxury to any room.

55 Item(s)

55 Item(s)

More about Leather Scented Candles

You walk into the room and close your eyes as you imagine yourself unwrapping a new leather briefcase or purse or a fabulous new pair of leather shoes or inhaling the timelessly enjoyable aroma of handcrafted leather-bound books. No matter which experience you prefer, you have those with our leather scented candles. Whether it’s with our bestselling Suede & Smoke Candle, the indulgent Cire Trudon Ernesto Grand Candle, or one of the many other choices, that experience is yours. And if you enjoy the rich, masculine aroma of leather scented candles, be sure to check out our Cologne Scented Candles and Tobacco Scented Candles.