Votivo Candles – Enjoy Quality and Rich Fragrances

Votivo candles are prized by discriminating customers and by celebrities. These luxury candles are so popular because they offer such amazing scent and such exceptional quality. Those who know about candles know that Votivo candles simply provide a better experience. Celebrities who rely on candles to boost the ambience in their movie set trailers and hotel rooms turn to Votivo candles. Interior designers who need to create amazing rooms know that Votivo candles can transform a space.

The secret of Votivo’s richly scented candles lies in the careful attention to detail. Votivo’s candle makers carefully scent the candle wax of every Votivo candle so that each candle carrying the Votivo name can fill and entire room with a rich and lasting fragrance. The makers of these candles have worked since 1994 to create the best fragrances and the best diffusion of fragrance. The result is a line of candles that smells absolutely heavenly to the very last drop of wax.

Votivo also excels in fragranced candles because the manufacturer creates layered scents in every candle. Rather than creating a candle with several scents that compete with each other and rather than creating a candle with one scent, Votivo carefully layers a few complimentary scents in each candle. The result is a fine bouquet of fragrance. You smell a hint of one scent even as you inhale another scent. This rich layering creates an amazing sensory experience.

Votivo has also created a line of fragrances to suit every fancy. The Votivo Black Ginger candle, for example, contains the rich scents of Hawaiian flowers with hints of ginger and Asian spice. The Votivo Cedar & Sage candle contains the scent of cedar and sage. The Votivo Champaca candle enriches the senses with the fragrance of sandalwood and champaca. The Votivo Clean Crisp White candle is infused with the scent of fresh linen and water. The Votivo Deep Clover is rich with the scents of fescue grass, rye grass, wood chips, red clover, and moss. The Votivo Mahogany candle contains the scent of wood, mulled spices, and brown sugar, while the Votivo Mandarin combines citrus, mandarin orange, herbs, and honeys into a rich fragrance. The Votivo Moroccan Fig candle combines the exotic scents of rare woods, figs, and spices. The Votivo Rain candle – Oprah Winfrey’s favorite candle – combines fall scents with the fragrance of sage. Votivo’s Sweet Almond & Blood Orange candle combines the fragrance of almonds, vanilla beans, marshmallows, woods, and orange for a spicy but not overwhelming scent.

Votivo candles are the highest quality. Votivo only uses the very finest waxes, wicks, and packaging for each candle. The company is also able to offer complete quality assurance because the company creates its candles right at home. In fact, each candle is hand-made, from the pouring of the wax to the tucking of each completed candle into tissue paper and a box. This hand crafting tradition ensures that artisans are able to take care of every detail that goes into making amazing candles.