Valentine’s Day Gifts

Few things create as much pressure and stress as Valentine’s Day gifts. Of course, we want the person we love to adore their gift, but there are so many choices. We want to buy something special, but many Valentine’s gifts are clichéd and some gifts in stores at this time of year are downright tacky. Flowers and candy seem like the safe choices, uninspired, even if they are nice. Here are some options to make your Valentine’s Day gift more special:

1) Give a lovely gift basket. Include treats, little pampering gifts, and a wonderful collection of scented candles. Unlike candies and flowers that will be gone in a day, this is a gift that will last for weeks. And each time your beloved lights a candle or nibbles on a treat, he or she will remember you.

2) Give an experience. Rather than giving your loved one something, try offering an experience. Set up a picnic by candlelight and pay some musicians to serenade him or her. Or, create a perfect romantic getaway in your home with flowers, candlelight, a slow, romantic dinner and a bath. You can also check into a spa for a day and get his and hers pampering treatments. You could even rent a boat or limo and go on a short trip. There are many ways to create a romantic experience that your loved one will remember forever.

3) Give traditional Valentine’s Day gifts – with a fun twist. Instead of flowers, buy your loved one chocolate flowers. Instead of chocolates, buy them the Godiva Chocolate Strawberry Rose candle, which smells of chocolate dipped strawberries and rose petals. It’s the perfect treat for the chocolate lover! Instead of seeing a romantic film, why not see a children’s movie instead and laugh it up? Have a little fun with Valentine’s Day by offering a fun twist on tradition.

4) Create a total surprise. Pretend that you are extra busy around Valentine’s Day but then surprise that special someone with a horse-drawn carriage ride to a park, where a candle lit dinner is waiting. Or, have a wonderful meal waiting at home when your loved one walks in have. Have the whole house transformed with flowers, candles, and music. Or, have your significant other meet you outside and whisk them away in a hot air balloon ride.

5) Get public. Send a telegram or flowers to your loved one’s place of work or send a signing telegram or a group of singers. Send a balloon o-gram or have your Valentine’s Day message written in the sky with a plane. Get create and let the whole world know how much your significant other means to you.

6) Offer a trip. Travel is a great way to get away from demands and spend some great time together. A gift trip doesn’t have to be expensive – even a weekend in a wonderful Bed and Breakfast will do. Or, save up and splurge on a more exotic holiday. Traveling together, though, keeps you together.