Valentine’s Day Candles – Part Two

The holiday when we celebrate love, Valentine’s Day, is almost here. If you still have not picked the present for your loved one, we will assist you by recommending few more scented candles that are especially designed for this day. With such a romantic present that burns like your love and intoxicates your senses in the same way, you will get a true feeling of warmness. As the pleasant smell of luxury candle fills the room, the heart of your partner is bound to melt, in the same way as the wax melts. Here is the second part of our list of voluptuous recommendations.

The first high end candle we would like to bring to your attention is an invigorating flowery mix with a hint of uncontrollable passion – Aquiesse Moonlit Petals Candle. The rich floral mixture mimics the sentimental scenery of night blooming jasmine, with its sweet aroma spreading in the moonlight lit garden. The mixture is further spiced with the fragrance of white gardenia petals, and rounded with a sensual hint of warm musk. As it is customary for the luxury brand Aquiesse, the candle is made from in-house designed soy wax that was composed from only organic soybean oil. The perfect burn of the floral candle is enhanced with the use of lead-free wicks. The pleasing fragrance is available in candle forms of various sizes and in a diffuser. The largest amount of enjoyment and pleasure is available through the large candle, with the weight of 10 oz, about 100 hours of burn and the price of $36.

The next suggestion on our list is yet another seductive scent made from petals of a famous and loved flowery plant, widely renowned for its sweet and dominating aroma. The candle in question is Burn – Gardenia Absolute Candle. The enticing scent was made to be the reminiscent of warm and steamy southern nights, with its mixture of gardenia milk and petals that lay on green leaves. It is interesting that the brand decided to utilize a true multitude of different notes and aromas on the candle’s top, base and heart. The richness of smells can be compared to the luxury eau de perfums that would satisfy even the ones with the highest demands and with the most sensitive sense of smell. This candle is available in two different sizes: Medium one (which weighs 5 oz.) costs $20 and offers its sensuous flickering for more than 35 hours, while the large option (weighing 12 oz.) has the price of $45 and the potential to burn for at least 100 hours.

At the end, we would like to turn your attention to the rousing product that presents an exotic and distinguishing aroma. It is D.L & Co. – Pink Pepper Candle. The refreshing and original blend consists of pink pepper, creatively combined with black, white and pink peppercorns which are confronted by a luscious fragrance of carnation absolute. The beautiful pink candle is placed in a stylish and decorative pink vessel and presented in a pink silk box ornate with the ribbon of the same color. The glamorous candle that weighs 10 oz. will entice your sense of smell for more than 40 hours at the price of $75.