Seda France Candles – Ten Years of Excellence

Seda France are one of the hottest newer luxury candles out there, featured in O magazines as well as other popular media. First established in 2001, Seda France candles use the latest techniques in candle-making and design but are in fact are based on traditions that date back more than 200 years. As well, the candle manufacturers have painstakingly perfectly their techniques and methods after ten years of customer feedback. France has been a home to artisan candle makers for hundreds of years and Seda France candle manufacturers have looked to this illustrious past for inspiration for their current line of scented candles.

Seda France candles also look to the past for inspiration for their design. Seda France come in highly-prized and absolutely gorgeous pagoda boxes, which have received a great deal of attention and acclaim. The boxes are square with a unique triangular pagoda top, topped with a beautiful tassel and decorated in fresh, rich colors. The wrapping for Seda France candles is so beautiful that no gift wrap is needed when these candles are given as gifts. In fact, the wrapping and packaging for Seda France candles is much more beautiful than most gift-wrapping. The inspiration for the stunning design comes from the French cotton pattern known as Toile. Also known as Toile de Jouy, this was a printing process invented in 1759 for cotton prints. Toile often includes beautiful depictions of county life. Seda France candles feature beautiful Toile designs on their packaging, which is one reason why the candles look so stunning.

Seda France candles also adhere to the strictest standards of quality that French candle makers are renowned for. Each Seda France candle is made from candle-grade fragrances and natural fragrance oils, which ensures a true and rich scent from the moment a light approaches the candle to the very last drop of wax. Each Seda France candle is hand-poured into a beautiful and reusable glass. Each 14 oz. Seda France candle boasts over 60 hours of burning time, with minimum soot and with pure, clean burn.

Seda France candles are made with luscious and stunning scents which will fill your entire home with a wonderful fragrance. You’ll want to try the Seda France Anniversaire Candle, the Seda France Asian Lychee Candle, the Seda France Autumn Spice Candle, the Seda France China Musk Candle, the Seda France Citron du Sud Candle, the Seda France Clementine Candle, the Seda France Elegant Gardenia Candle, the Seda France French Tulip Candle, the Seda France Hyacinth Candle, the Seda France Japanese Quince Candle, the Seda France Lavande Provencale Candle,  the Seda France Malaysian Bamboo Candle, the Seda France Rhubarb Pear Candle, and the Seda France Vanille a la Francaise Candle. Each candle comes with a unique and memorable blend of scents. For example, the Seda France Citron du Sud Pagoda Candle combines notes of pineapple, coconut, cilantro, apricot, musk, and vanilla for a warm, spicy, and exotic fragrance. The Seda France Elegant Gardenia Candle combines notes of Gardenia with violet and freesia. You’ll want to explore each luscious scent for your home. Individually or by combining fragrances from the collection, you can create a unique scent print for your home.