Scented Candles – a Little Secret for the Perfect Interior Design

Delirium - Blue Absinthe Candle

The Power of Candles

If you have more than two scented candles in a room, that means they are not anymore just a few objects that smell nice. They have become an indispensable part of your interior design style. Whether you are aware of this or not, these candles decorate your personal space by their scent, by the way they look and finally, by their arrangement. They have the power to transform a living space, to open a room and make it bigger or to create a cozy, idyllic atmosphere. High-end candles send a strong message about your character, affinities and mood. Thus, do not let them do it wrongly.

Candle Reverberations

If you have already defined which kind of scented candles provides you the most pleasure, it is time to cross to the next level. I usually start with the question: “Which message do I like to send”? If you care what people think about you, this is a very important question. The smell of the house is the first thing we notice when we step into someone’s home and that smell is something that unconsciously builds a strong first impression about the person we visit. Maybe it is superficial, but this is the way our minds usually work. Thus, as well as you carefully choose the furniture, color of walls and perfect lighting for the house, you should take care about the scent that will complement your home décor.

Appropriate Choices

For highly experienced candle lovers this should be a great fun. By picking an appropriate fragrance or by combining different flavors, they can manipulate with atmosphere, because fragrances, just like the right song, have the power to change a mood. You should experiment and find your personal secret ingredients, but for the beginning, there are a few tips. Fruity flavors are great for body refreshment and quick uplifting of energy, and they nicely match with vivid tones and lively atmosphere. Woody notes, the scents of the forest and fresh leaves, as well as the delicate aromas of the ocean and mountain air, create the illusion of the open space. They are ideal for autumn and winter days, when closed windows, as well as a lack of fresh air and natural light may make us feel anxious and depressive.

High End Candles

For a warm and idyllic atmosphere, we recommend high-end candles with spicy and food flavors, including ginger, basil, coconut, cinnamon, chocolate, vanilla… Perfect for chill out nights, some herbal scents have a strong healing effect, while the scents of leather, tobacco and champagne will give a subtle touch of luxury to your home. Finally, the seductive fragrances of sandalwood and exotic fruits seem like the perfect aphrodisiac.

Scent Decor

Now, since you have already achieved the ideal “scent decor”, it is time for the last step. Compliment your interior design by choosing a perfect candle arrangement. Usually this task should be a piece of cake, since the majority of luxury candlemakers pay a great attention to design of their products. Thus, you just need to reach the basic harmony among different candles and your guests will be amazed. Group together the candles of different sizes and textures and there it is – a modern decoration for a table in your living room. For an elegant dinner, you can use candlesticks of different heights and shapes, while a romantic night in two can be warmed up by arranging candles all around the loving couple.

There are countless ways to adorn your living space with scented candles. All depends on your creativity and enthusiasm, so do not miss the opportunity to leave a good impression. Small things make a difference.