Rosy Rings Scented Candles

The story about Rosy Rings Candles is the best proof that you do not need anything special for a real success, as long as you possess passion, creativity and a good idea. What started in the basement as an experimental hobby, some 15 years ago, turned out into the serious manufacturing of high-end scented candles, followed by the exceptional quality which is recognized in almost every part of the United States. Each available in a signature craft box and made from recycled materials, Rosy Rings Candles feature natural wax blends, delicately combined with a wide variety of essential oils and high quality fragrances.

Rosy Rings Botanical Blackberry Fig Candle

Meticulous Candle Production

Many things have been changing rapidly for this Denver based candlemaker, but basic work principles stay unchanged. Despite the fact that we are living in the time of mass production, each particular process in the manufacturing of a single candle is done by hands, which requires two entire days of working. However, the patient and complex production is the only true guarantee of a high-end quality that Rosy Rings Candles definitely possess.

Botanical Candle Properties

Each brand’s Botanical Candle (which is actually two candles coupled into one) contains a proprietary blend of refined paraffin, soy wax, beeswax and a great dose of aromatic oils. A Botanical candle comes in a stylish amber glass vessel, with the weight of 17.5 oz. and provides amazing 85 hours of burning time.

Furthermore, this relatively young candlemaker provides a number of wonderful scented candles in small Apothecary Jars. These delicious products contain 100 percent natural soy wax blends, as well as cotton wicks. They are available in two sizes – the petit one with the weight of 2 oz. gives about 15 hours of joy, while the 9 oz. candle ensures 50 hours of burning time.

Comprehensive Floral Fragrances

There is a great selection of delicate fragrances, from flowers and fruit to assorted fauna. Thus, Rosy Rings Botanica Anjou Pear Candle comes with a delicious sweet aroma of a French fruit tart, as it is just taken out of the oven. If you prefer the flavor of fresh fruits, there is a Botanica Blackberry Fig Candle, offering the uplifting summer blend of figs, blackberry, peaches, complemented with soft floral notes, balsam, crushed clove and tonka bean.

For the lovers of the authentic atmosphere around campfires, Rosy Rings created a Botanica Cinnamon Piñon Candle that combines smoky aromas of cedarwood, patchouli, oranges, musk, sandalwood, amber, cinnamon and clove. A Botanica Forest Candle brings the fresh kick from an evergreen forest. This complex blend combines flavors of a soft moss, pine needles, red cedar, canopy and dewy ferns, underlines with hints of citron, golden raspberry and ginger. Off course, there are a lot more beautiful fragrances from Rosy Rings Candles that you can enjoy. With very affordable prices, these eco-friendly products seem like great choices for this spring.