Rigaud Candles: Background & History

Rigaud Cypres CandleParfums Rigaud, one of the world’s oldest perfumers with 160 years long tradition, entered the candle-making business more than a half a century ago, using its expertise in selecting and preparing exotic fragrances for the most delicate home perfumes. Combining these irresistible scents with the patented, soft wax of the highest quality, the renowned French brand created a number of extraordinary scented candles that are ready to bring a nice doze of luxury and relaxing atmosphere in your home.

Impressive variety of flavors is carefully divided into four collections: Aromatic, Single-Flower, Woody and Oriental.

Aromatic Gardens

The most impressive blend of fragrances comes with the Aromatic Line. Everyone should experience divine aromas of the Cypres candle which fulfills people’s homes with the incredible richness of the Mediterranean forests. The aromatic sweetness of lavender, the woody, crisp notes of pine needles and the powerful aroma of cedar wood create perfect harmony, showing the true beauty of nature. If you want to feel the clear scent of a single flower, you should not miss a Rigaud Gardenia (White) candle that will fill up your personal space with the luscious scent of one the most endearing flowers in the world.

Rigaud Distinction

Rigaud candles are distinctive by the unique soft wax formula and the modern design of their stylish packaging. Thanks to the special contexture of soft wax that liquefies rapidly, these high-end luxury candles burn evenly, providing a perfect diffusion of fragrances, without creating a crater (which is common for hard-wax candles). As a mater of fact, Rigaud candles release the powerful scent even when they are not burning, because they contain higher percentage of perfume than an eau de toilette.


Each candle is hand-poured and tested to provide a premium quality. After they had met all the requirements, scented candles are carefully packed in glasses and then in boxes manually, which is the part of tradition of the great French luxury houses. What is also very important, Rigaud candles are eco-friendly, since all ingredients are biodegradable.

Burning time depends on the size of a candle and goes from 15+ to over 50 hours. The standard (large) candle has the weight of 7.4 oz and costs $ 90, the demi (medium) candle is 5.3 oz. tin and costs $ 65, while the mini (small) candle (1.8 oz.) is available for $38.

Prince of Wales, Julia Roberts, Liz Taylor, Elton John candles, Donnatella Versace, Aaron Spelling, Carly Simon, Julie Andrews… These great names are among those who have already shown their fascination with these amazing luxury scanted candles. Besides, wonderful Cypres candles spread their flavors throughout the White House, as Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy had brought them into the life of JFK.