Michael Aram Candles

Michael Aram is an artist whose primary medium has always been metal. However, he has also designed a stunning and sumptuous collection of scented candles. Michael Aram candles are luxury scented candles with rich, natural perfumes. All candles by Michael Aram are made from triple cotton wicks and nautral sox wax, ensuring even and soot-free burning as well as long burning times. The 13.5 oz. candles burn for more than 60 hours.

Each candle in the collection is stunningly packaged and ready for gift-giving. You’ll be delighted by the beauty and the fragrances of this collection. Each candle is poured into a classic clear glass, which can be reused and which looks great with any décor.

Michael Aram candles even come with a unique snuff lid that is decorated with a beautiful motif that relates to that candle. The Michael Aram Acorn candle, for example, is topped with a stunning black and gold acorn work of art. The snuff lids make it easy to extinguish your candles and add a stunning design statement to each candle. After the candles are gone, the snuff lids remain as a beautiful object d’art in your home.

Michael Aram candles come in a variety of scents to explore. The Michael Aram Acorn candle, for example, contains notes of musk, red amber, balsam wood, cedar, pine, and vanilla, creating a warm, rich scent. The candle is topped with a unique lid made from oxidized bronze, gold plate, nickel-plate, and copperplate created into a beautiful work of art. The Michael Aram Bamboo candle contains hints of sandalwood, violet, musk, lotus, bamboo, peony, green ivy, and water lily. The distinctive nickelplate lid is fashioned into a beautiful bamboo stem. The Michael Aram Black Orchid candle contains the rich scents of  cedar, sandalwood, musk, florals, fruits, and citrus, for a sophisticated and mysterious fragrance. The black nickel-plate is designed into a beautiful orchid bloom. The Michael Aram Fig candle contains notes of figs, summer fruit, black currant, florals, vanilla and wood. The oxidized bronze, and nickel-plate enamel snuff lid is beautifully designed with a fig motif. The Michael Aram Garland candle is a romantic, sweet candle, with notes of  jasmine, honeysuckle, melon, musk and white wood. The Michael Aram Ginkgo candle is scented with ginkgo, green tea, pink pepper, florals, musk, and sandalwood. The Michael Aram Lemonwood candle is a bright pop of fragrance, with notes of citrus, wood, sage, cardamom, clove, Lily of the Valley, verbena, lemongrass, bergamot, lime and cypress.