Manuel Canovas High-End Scented Candles

Inspired by the old-world European luxury, a Parisian high-end home fragrance brand created an exquisite line of scanted candles. Each crafted and poured by hand, nine Manuel Canovas’ fragrant delights are capable to add an ideal dose of luxury to your home décor. Variety of delicate flavors, from sophisticated woody kick, refreshing flourish and fruity notes to warm and healing aromas of herbs and spices, promise an extraordinary experience with Manuel Canovas candles.

French Tradition

Manuel Canovas Fleur de Coton CandleKnown as the French leading fabric house, Manuel Canovas is also ranked among the top candlemakers in the country with the longest tradition in making high quality perfumes. Knowing these facts, we can expect nothing but the best from Manuel Canovas’ scented candles. At the first place, the renowned Parisian brand guarantees an extra pure and non-allergenic waxes and lead-free wicks that ensure clean and long-lasting burning. Containing up to 14 percent of pure essential oils, each candle provides powerful and persistent fragrance from the first to the last minute.

Brand Luxury

Finally, the brand’s expertise in creating luxurious artistic fabrics is nicely applied on the design of candle packaging. The brand’s textiles are characteristic by bold and unusual color harmonies, rounded by vibrant shades of rose Indian, anis, amethyst and turquoise. The same level of stylishness and creativity comes with Manuel Canovas scented candles. Each of them is packed in a fine dense glass whose sophisticated design matches even the most luxurious home décor.

Diverse Fragrances

Take a look at delicate blends of fragrances. They are simply adorable. Manuel Canovas Bois de Lune Candle brings powerful velvet notes of red cedar, rosewood, Chinese tea and wild berries, a Brune et d’Or Candle is specific by its exotic aromas of cinnamon, myrrh and vanilla, while sensual and exotic Empire Celeste Candle seduces with flourish and fruity blend of rose, violet, orange blossom and wallflower.

Something completely unusual comes with a Fleur de Coton Candle, providing pure natural scents of wild linden flower, morning dew and white-thorn. If you like fresh, uplifting fragrances, then the blend of verbena, lantana, mango, blackcurrant, mint leaves and coconut from a Jardin de Lantana Candle seems like a pretty good choice, as well as a Nuit de Serendip, a candle that combines freesia, tuberose and jasmine with orange blossom. If it is not enough, you can choose between refreshing Manuel Canovas Opus Incertum candle and gorgeous floral Matin de Perles and Palais d’Ete candles. Each luxury, hand-crafted candle provides up to 60 hours of burning time and costs $70.