Make 2009 Better With Votivo Candles

The start of a new year is always a time to set new goals and to plan a new year. Unfortunately, a lot of us spend time setting goals for others. We want to lose weight so that others find us more attractive or we want to make more money so that others think us more successful.

Maybe 2009 is the year you put yourself back on your New Year’s Resolution list. Instead of creating goals that are designed to please other people and instead of setting up impossible resolutions because you think you should, why not create a little “me” time this year to soothe the soul and to rejuvenate yourself? Here’s how:

Buy some nice gifts for yourself. Now’s the time when many products are on sale, so you can buy nice things such as real cashmere socks, rare French soaps and Votivo candles. And you don’t even have to compete with other shoppers at the mall to buy. In fact, you can skip the hassle entirely by shopping online. When buying gifts for yourself, look for small, pampering treats. When you have your presents to yourself, wrap them in pretty paper and tuck them into a closet or drawer. When you need a little pampering time, you can whip out your gifts and unwrap them.

Carve out some “me” time. Pull out your calendar and set up an appointment for yourself. It could be an hour a day or an hour a week plus fifteen minutes a day. Whatever it is, aim to disappear for that period of time. Sit in a bath with some Votivo candles lit or retreat to a bookstore to browse. Just give yourself some time to unwind.

Get rid of something you hate. Do you hate to clean your house? Maybe this is the year to get the kids to help out or the year to hire someone to tidy up once a week. Do you hate to cook? Make 2009 the year when you research and implement other options – such as having a chef deliver frozen fresh-cooked meals to your home once a week. Don’t laugh –it’s cheaper than takeout and good for your soul.

Add something great to your life. Now that you’ve gotten rid of something you hate, add something you love. Maybe you like to paint but don’t believe you have time for lessons? Forget the excuses. Make it a priority to pursue a passion. Find something large – like pottery lessons – and something small – such as adding scent to your home with incense and Votivo candles.

When you put yourself back on your goals list, two things happen: you have an easier time meeting your goals because you want to pursue them and you are happier because you are actually doing something good for yourself. Just don’t be astonished when everyone raves about the new you.