Jonathan Adler Pop Candles

Jonathan Adler candles are known are created by noted designer Jonathan Adler and are renowned for their glamorous and scrumptious scents. The Pop collection is contained in Pop glass vessels and features bright colors, sure to add a little light and a little infusion of glamour into your life. These candles are ideal for gift-giving or just for treating yourself (and your home!) with wonderful scent, color, and light.

Since Jonathan Adler candles are created by a designer, it’s not surprising that the packaging is fresh and beautiful. However, there is also a precise attention to detail and quality that is more in keeping with traditional candle making artisans. Each Jonathan Adler is carefully hand poured using a special blend of waxes and high quality perfumes to create a long-lasting and soot-free burning experience. The Pop collection candles are designed to burn for over 40 hours. Each 7.1 ounce candle is about 3.25″ tall and 3.25″ wide, perfectly portable and beautiful. Each candle is individually boxed in a beautiful design that is perfect for gift-giving and each is poured into a reusable colorful container. These candles stay true to their scent from the moment they are lasted until the last drop of wax sputters out. Even burning means a precise dose of fragrance in every room.

And Jonathan Adler candles have amazing fragrances. The Pop collection includes the Jonathan Adler Earl Grey Pop Candle, with notes of black tea, citrus, yuzu, jasmine, Earl Grey tea, bergamot, and sandalwood. The Pop collection also features the Jonathan Adler Fig Pop Candle, which contains notes of bergamot, ivy, coconut, moss and figwood. The collection also includes the the Jonathan Adler Grapefruit Pop Candle, the Jonathan Adler Sugar Pop Candle, the Jonathan Adler Tomato Pop Candle, the Jonathan Adler Watercress Pop Candle, the Jonathan Adler Hashish Candle, the Jonathan Adler Muse Blanc Candle, the Jonathan Adler Muse Noir Candle, the Jonathan Adler Acapulco Candle, the Jonathan Adler Aix en Provence Delirium Candle, the Jonathan Adler Big Sur Forest Candle, the Jonathan Adler Capri Honeymoon Candle, the Jonathan Adler Palm Beach Sunshine Candle, the  Jonathan Adler Shelter Island Ocean Candle, and the Jonathan Adler Southampton Garden Candle. Each contains a dominant perfume surrounded by supporting notes that create a unique fragrance. Jonathan Adler also sells diffusers in matching scents as well as match strike in the shape of a ceramic pipe. The match strike is sure to turn lighting a candle into a beautiful ritual.