The Most Intriguing Scented Candles for 2016

At the start of 2016, we have decided to make a list of luxury candles we think that have the potential to be very sought after in the following twelve months. The list of recommendations was put together after the careful deliberation and our main intention was to pick distinguished products that would please candle aficionados with various preferences. Some of the scented candles we chose are among the best selling products at Candle Delirium. However, it was not our intention to predict the most successful sellers. It is simply a suggestion for all the candle enthusiasts who will, without any doubt, be able to find the scent that suits them best, even without our help.

Smoky Aromas

At the beginning, we would like to turn your attention to the very popular product from Archipelago Botanicals. The lovely product dubbed Havana Candle has an unusual smoky aroma that combines the delicate and exotic smells of bergamot oranges, tropical ylang-ylang plants and of course, Cuban tobacco leaf to validate its name and to give it an undoubted association with the capital of Cuba. Made only from the very finest ingredients, the Havana candle comes in various sizes in order to please different preferences. It is the brand’s best selling item.

From the Caribbean to France

After the Caribbean, let us move to France to discover another high quality product that utilizes enticing fragrance of bergamot. It is Terre d’Epices (Land of Spices) Candle, fashioned by the Parisian designer Herve Gambs. His fiery mixture combines bergamot with sweetness provided by the base of liquorice wood, heavy and dominating patchouli. At the end, everything is topped with the touch of amber, in order to get a nice, unmatched and “intimate olfactive experience”.

Citrus Options

The next candle on our list is an incredible seductive and citrusy product – Orange Pop Candle by Jonathan Adler. The lovely fusion of garden fragrances puts together mouth-watering and ripe Mandarin oranges and papayas and blends them with the hints of Clementine, lemon water and lush greens. This hand-poured candle comes in an unusual and reusable orange vessel, as it is expected for a product that is named Orange Pop.

Sweet N Spicy

After the fruity candle, the next of our recommendations is the sweet and spicy synthesis – Pineapple Ginger Candle by Archipelago. The wax blend used in the luxury candle was created with the most quality of ingredients, and is comprised of more than 70 percent of natural soya wax.

Herbal Mixtures

Another similarly inspired product is Pomegranate Sage Candle by Aquisse. Apart from the luscious fruit that is mentioned in the name of the sophisticated candle, it also utilizes the touches of patchouli, green sage and teak. This seductive product is made exclusively out of the soy wax, and with organic soybean oil (which will many of you probably find very pleasing), as well as with lead-free wicks.

Creamy Delight

If you want to go in the slightly different direction, we suggest creamy and delightful French Bourbon Vanille Candle by Voluspa. Made entirely out of rich smell of vanilla from Bourbon, France (you were wrong if you though it smells of alcohol), it is a nostalgic product that will take you back in time to treasured memories from your past.


At the end, we would also like to bring your intention to another provocatively named candle by the experts of intrigue – A Scent of Scandal. The product in question is Gansta Candle that exudes the aroma of firewood and gives a slight additional touch of, believe it or not, gunpowder. The hand-poured innovative product is made entirely from soya wax.