High End Scented Candles for Winter

As the weather shifts and winter approaches, houses became sanctuaries and refuges from freezing air. In order to make your living spaces even more comforting and pleasant during cold winter, the leading brands of luxury scented candles each winter prepare a careful selection of fine products that are just perfect for the season. Evocative of holidays, distant memories and the snow-covered scenery, these winter-scented high end candles are a suitable vessel to travel to that old comfortable feeling. As cool winter reigns outside, your soul will feel warmed, and the flickering flames of scented candles will trigger the release of enchanting odor mixes.

Savory Scented

South Carolina based manufacturer Votivo has prepared several savory scented products that are just perfect for the coldest of all seasons. This high-end brand creates luxury hand-wrapped candles in original packaging. Votivo is associated with potent and deep aromas that are skillfully designed and produced. Among its Holiday Candles Collection, there are a few examples of distinctive winter scented candles. The first one is the Clementine & Clove Holiday Candle – the perfect marriage of seductive scents, reminiscent of the Christmas teatime and times bygone. Apart from this super stimulating scented candle, the collection offers the invigorating and sub-zero fresh Icy Blue Pine Holiday Candle with dominant scents of pine and cedar bark. These two candles and the rest of the Holiday Collection are made of natural soy wax blend and feature burn time in the region of between 50 and 60 hours. Besides, as it is customary for products by Votivo, each of the items from the series is hand-wrapped, and presented with special holiday packaging.

Attention Candle Enthusiasts:

Candle enthusiast will be happy to know that Voluspa prepared an intriguing winter-themed Snow Flakes Candle as a part of its Seasons Collection. Get comfortable in your warm house and light this fabulous candle to experience a true blizzard of refreshing odors. Snow Flake is produced of coconut wax. This product is available in various sizes that correspond with diverse demands of its buyers. Logically, the larger models of the luxury product by Voluspa are the ones with the longest burn times. The longest lasting is the 3-Wick Snow Flakes Candle that weighs 15oz and flickers for 100 hours. This size is of course the one with the highest price tag and costs $55. Snowfall inspired scent can be experienced for much less money. The most affordable option is to get a tiny Travel Tin that weighs 2.7oz and provides 25 hours of tingling crispness of ozone and snow, characteristic for Voluspa Seasons Collection Snow Flakes Candles.