High End Candle Review – Seda France Japanese Quince Candle

Despite its relatively recent appearance in the world of luxury candles, high-end manufacturer Seda France Japanese Quince Candles has captivated everybody who decided to buy its products. Since the first day, the company based in Austin, Texas has decided to use the most recent developments in the world of candle making. Even though these techniques are modern, they are based on the rich heritage of traditional French knowledge of creating the luxury products (hence the name), thus creating a perfect blend of old know-how and present day methods.

The “Perfect Gift”

This sort of approach proved to be quite successful, especially in the combination with the brand’s never-ending desire to learn about the needs and wishes of its clients, in order to produce a sophisticated product that will be in accordance with the customers’ demands as much as it is possible. During the course of one decade (Seda France was established in 2001), the Texan company earned much praise for its classy candles. Its fabulous ones are recommended by the leading lifestyle and fashion magazines, as well as by the leading authorities on these issues. Numerous times, they have been described as the “perfect gifts”, and the magnificent candles by Seda France were even featured in one of the episodes of the Oprah Show, hosted by the world renowned TV presenter, Oprah Winfrey.

Tradition & Modernity

Japanese Quince Candle by the manufacturer is the perfect example of the combination of tradition and modernity, which leads to the ultimate luxury. As its name suggests, the powerful scented candle exudes fresh fruity aromas, dominated by the captivating scent of the Japanese quince. The pleasant smell is further enhanced with touches of other refined scents. The piquant candle has a hint of rhubarb, a fine smelling plant that is for its exceptional qualities used in cooking and in traditional Chinese medicine. Furthermore, the mixture of Japanese quince candle incorporates a slight doze of passion fruit which gives an additional exotic texture. The overall fruity fragrance is underlined with the touch of white fleshed peach. The mesmerizing mixture of intoxicating scents is rounded up with the addition of jasmine petals.

Luxurious Japan

The exclusive and luxurious fragrance of Japanese quince, designed by Seda France is available in various sizes, travel tins, diffusers, hand lotion, room mist, hand soap and even in the form of a bar soap. The biggest of the candles is a 3-wick candle that offers over 70 hours of seductive delight and costs $37. The bigger price in the assortment is reserved for a 2-wick ceramic candle that lasts for amazing 100 hours, a gift set that comprises of a large candle (burn time of over 60 hours) and three travel tins (the set costs $50), and diffuser (also $50). If you, on the other hand, want to acquire the wonderful and luxurious fragrance at the lower price, you can opt for a mini candle that lasts over 15 hours ($14) or the travel tin that enables you to enjoy it for a half of a day (just $8).

Hand Poured

Magnificent Japanese Quince Candle is hand-poured. The lovely white candle comes in a decorative pagoda box packaging which is the trademark feature of products by Seda France. Considering its universal appeal and the fine selection of the aromas, it is not surprising that this type of candle is among the most sought after products by the brand, as well as among the best-selling luxury candles that are available through Candle Delirium.