High End Candle Review – Nest Holiday 3-Wick Candle

Financial success should never be the sole reason and motivation for doing a specific job. Even though it is certainly necessary in order to provide secure conditions and quality life for one’s family, it is fair to say that the best results are visible if a person does something fulfilling and enjoyable. This sort of reasoning can be exemplified with the ultimate success story of Laura Slatkin who ended her lucrative Wall Street career some 17 years ago and then decided to found a luxury fragrance company with her husband, which ultimately led to unveiling of the Nest collection of luxury candles. Clearly demonstrating the exceptional quality and all the passion and dedication that were present during the creation of these products, they stormed the world of luxury candles and soon received much praise and attention.

Candle Aficionados Approve

Holiday 3-Wick Candle, one of the currently most desired pieces by candle aficionados, seems like a great way to show the charm of products created by Laura Slatkin’s company. It is a part of a high-end series dedicated to capturing the luscious smells of the holiday season. In order to achieve this pleasant effect, it was decided to create a special mixture of aromas that will have the potential to this. The superb combination opens with the fresh fruity smells of pomegranate and mandarin orange. Additional refreshing qualities and that familiar holiday feeling were enabled with the addition of pine. However, there are more ingredients in this lovely mix. The next one are cloves, widely recognized and appreciated for their delicious odor. Because of this quality, cloves are often used in the process of making perfumes, or as a fine addition to various meals in Indian and Mexican cuisine.

Usage of Cloves

Furthermore, cloves are also traditionally used as incense in China in Japan, whereas in some European countries it is usual to use them for making pomanders and to use them as decorations during Christmas. Cloves were also considered to have healing properties in traditional medicine, as well as in aromatherapy. Additionally, the mixture of fragrances found in this exceptional holiday product by Nest Candles includes the sweet smell of cinnamon and the slight touches of vanilla and amber.

Nest Characteristics

The voluptuous Nest Holiday 3-Wick Candle is made of soya blend wax and weighs 23 oz. As it is clear from the name, there are three wicks. However, it is also very important to underline its ability to burn for at least 150 hours which is more than six days! The presentation is always important in the world of scented candles and that is also visible here. The vessel for this candle is a clear and frosted glass with elegant gold stripes. The glass is shipped in recognizable red velvet box with gold accents that symbolize the sophistication of the product. The price of this amazing scented candle is $58.